Population Health Services India

Population Health Services India (PHS India) was set up in 1999 with the mandate to provide quality family planning and reproductive health services with focus on serving the vulnerable and underserved sections of the population.

PHS India is an affiliate of MSI Reproductive Choices, a global organization that empowers women and girls to make informed choices for contraception and safe abortion services across 37 countries.

PHS India is a not-for-profit company, licensed under section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013 and incorporated as a charitable institutionwith a view to provide high quality reproductive health services and products at affordable costs to the economically weaker and hard to reach sections of the Indian population.PHS India has partnered with the Government of India under its contraceptive social marketing program for increased availability and accessibility of family planning products.

The organization specializes in social marketing, which entails the promotion and distribution of health products at prices affordable to low-income groups through the existing wholesale and retail infrastructure. PHS India’s expertise in marketing, developing technical and informative materials and behavior change campaigns is acclaimed not only in India but also internationally.

PHS India since its inception has achieved 66.32 million couple years of protection (CYP).

Current Statistics.

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PHSI India provides reproductive health services through “JYOTHI’’ clinics set up in the state of Jharkhand. The purpose of these clinics is to provide a range of family planning and reproductive health services at affordable rates. Jyothi clinics are in five districts of Jharkhand, reaching out to the women desirous of reproductive health services.

Outreach Services

To increase the accessibility of quality reproductive health services, “JYOTHI clinics have partnered with government of Jharkhand in its public private partnership (PPP)scheme under clinical outreach team (COT) for the provision of sterilisation services through the public health facilities.

Social Marketing

PHS India uses Social Marketing techniques that leverages the infrastructure of the private sector to reach millions of eligible men and women with family planning as well as sexual and reproductive health (SRH) products and services.